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Greenhouse gas and high carbon stock areas management


The evaluation of the carbon stock and greenhouse gas is accomplished as part of SIPH’s policy to participate in executing ecological development. Measuring carbon stock and carbon emissions allow the company to estimate its impact and its operational implication on the rise and fall of Greenhous Gas in the atmosphere in particular, as well as its impact in climate change in general.

SIPH commits to reducing greenhouse gas in the atmosphere, and raising the actual absorption of greenhouse gas in order to reduce its negative effects on climate change. Calculation of carbon stocks and the evaluation of surface area of HCS are therefore done by MEO Carbon Solutions.



Plants sequestration calculations are made thanks to scientific calculations (CIRAD) and a study is in progress to refine these measures. This is why SIPH is able to calculate and publish an annual carbon overview, to determine reduction goals and to accompany its evolution.

SIPH Proceeds as follow to reduce the effect of Greenhouse gas:

  1. Use HVC areas as carbon absorption areas;
  2. Use coated negative overview carbon fertilizer (such as urea) by preferring the use of leguminous plants as cover plants;
  3. Allow a proper conservation of land fertility with fallows and altering nurseries;
  4. Use curve and terrace planting as well as pratiques de sous-solage to reduce soil erosion
  5. Efficiently use electricity, water and other natural resources by executing environmental management programs based on environmental management system ISO 14001
  6. Forbid clearing in HCS areas;
  7. Calculate carbon stocks;
  8. Yearly monitor emissions on a basis of operational data of the previous year