SIPH is a subsidiary of

SIPH main activities consist in producing, processing, and marketing of natural rubber. Its plantations and plants are in western Africa. Its main clients are the tire industry for which natural rubber is indispensable.

SIPH also carry out activities such as rubber wood chips production, oil palm plantation and provides services to outgrowers.

The Latex is a secretion from rubber tree which lifespan is about 40 years. Trees become mature for tapping after 6-7. This technical operation is performed throughout the year and requires a know-how.

Harvesting takes place over the year and represents about 40% in the first semester and 60% in the second semester due to dry season which reduce harvesting. When rubber trees reach lifespan, they are fell and replanted. Research and development enable the replanting to be carried out with much higher performing planting material.

SIPH is unique in combining the raw material from its own plantations with the one bought from outgrowers. This combination means that SIPH’s output can be increased significantly. It also means that the company is actively involved in the development of the local economy and social life.

The raw material (mainly coagulum or coagulated latex in cups) is processed in the subsidiaries’ plants.

SIPH is responsible for marketing the rubber produced by its subsidiaries on the international market. SIPH’s rubber is delivered to Europe, Asia, North and South America. Its main clients are Tire industry companies.

  • Wood and Biomass:

    SIPH’s plantations produce wood chip from rubber trees when these reach their lifespan. These chips are used as biomass in local industry boilers to generate energy. Rubber tree trunks are also delivered to produce wood planks.

  • Planting material and service to farmers:

    SIPH produces large quantities of planting material in nurseries for outgrowers. This material guaranteed with different and adapted performances. Technical assistance is also provided to farmers to boost their production or improve tapping.

  • Oïl palm plantation:

    Areas unsuitable for planting rubber are planted with oil palm trees (5% of SIPH plantations) which enables the company to diversify its activities.