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Land and water management in damp areas

The basic criteria applied by SIPH in the management of the land in its operational areas are as follow:

  • To maintain surrounding areas natural conditions to minimize soil erosion and sedimentation, and reinforce the filtration system to preserve the quality of the water draining back to the rivers.
  • To improve soil organic life, beginning with planting cover crops to create a micro climate favorable to grow rubber, to apply organic matter, to reduce soil erosion and to remove weeds
  • To preserve land and water in areas with an inclination of 6 to 12% in order to prevent soil erosion, to increase organic matter, improve and preserve soil dampness, ventilation and draining
  • Not to clear protected areas / HVC areas, bogs of any depths and high carbon stock forests in favor of rubber. The Company continues management and monitoring efforts so that the forest sustainability can continue and to prevent deforestation
  • To absolutely prioritize fire prevention measures in land management. Fire management installations and infrastructures are set up in plantations. The Company also cooperates with local communities to sensitize them on the risks of fires.