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To ensure integrity and ethics in all transactions and trading operations in accordance with our values (Responsibility, Ethics). Comply with proper and faire business practices, forbid any type of corruption or other violations and ensure information transparency in accordance to applicable rules.

To answer client’s expectations and legal obligations applicable at all levels: local, national and international.

To maintain security, order and harmony in relations within all activity sites (agricultural and industrial) by favoring stakeholder’s concertation and by forbidding any form of intimidation or violence.

To observe and enforce human rights including employees’ rights to form trade unions and jointly discuss issues.

Not to discriminate race, ethnic origin, nationality, religion, physical handicap, gender, sexual orientation, trade unions, political opinions or age. To forbid illegal or forced labor.

To protect employees on their workplace by strictly forbidding any form of sexual harassment and any form of violence, as well as by protecting their right to procreation. We do not employ minors.

To constantly provide quality and environmental friendly products while favoring client’s satisfaction.

To endeavor environmental pollution prevention and improve carbon balance by lowering greenhouse gas.

To prevent work accidents and professional disease that may result from working conditions and/or dangerous activities.

To respect the “zero burns” policy in our field preparation activities and plantation renewing, and to forbid clearing protected areas, high conservation value areas, bogs and high carbon stock forests.

To continuously improve the environment, health and work safety condition all the while producing quality.

These commitments are part of the sustainable policy, and apply to the operational scope of SIPH as well as to all stakeholders regarded by the activities of the company.