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Since 2007, the agro-industrial company SIPH, a subsidiary of the SIFCA Group, has been firmly committed to sustainability. Leading the way in sustainable rubber in Africa, we have placed direct support to local planters at the heart of our mission. Our commitment is not limited to the sustainability of our productions; it aims to ensure optimal and sustainable income for these farmers while rigorously respecting social and environmental standards.

An essential consequence of this commitment has been maximizing direct purchases of raw materials from planters. Our capacity-building actions, which ensure these planters have a thorough knowledge of best practices, reinforce this approach. The EUDR regulation, which we enthusiastically welcome, is a natural extension of this operation, the robustness of which is ensured by our Integrated Management System (IMS).

Our commitment is therefore clear: to comprehensively justify compliance with this legislation for products that will be sold as such and to aim for more than 80% of our total productions to be compliant by 2025. We will also commit to reducing this percentage to achieve 100% compliance by 2030. This implies that for the residual part of our purchases that do not meet the EUDR criteria for traceability and legality, which is inevitable in some markets for the moment, we will ensure perfect segregation of these products throughout our supply chain, manufacturing, and marketing.

To achieve this, we have defined the following actions: defining traceability and legality standards with specialized partners, strengthening our procedures to reflect them fully, auditing them internally and externally, and making them accessible to our customers starting in 2024.

At SIPH, our commitment to sustainability and regulatory compliance is not only a duty but also a driver of progress and innovation.