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Water resources Identification and Management

SIPH commits to managing water resources to ensure its care and an efficient use to avoid an excessive use of water in operational activities. Aside from its part in plant growing, use in plants, as well as for staff and surrounding communities, a sufficient water resource during the dry season is crucial in order to anticipate and manage fires, as well as to maintain biodiversity.

Water resources are protected not only in rubber plantations, but also in HVC areas, including riverbanks and areas in which natural functions are preserved. SIPH and its subsidiaries are committed to preserve the availability and the quality of water. The maintenance of water sources is ensured by forbidding the use of agro chemicals on plants and on riverbanks, by preserving the natural vegetation that grows alongside rivers, by recreating riverbank vegetation, by monitoring the quality of the water, by continuing staff and communities sensitizing not to damage riverbanks and water sources. Along with raising the diversity and the thickness of the flora, this also aims to giving a proper habitat to several fauna species, to avoid bank erosion that would lead to silting and to keep an ideal quality of river water.

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