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It aims to:
Create a mutually beneficial and sustainable relation while improving the living conditions of stakeholders around operational areas around the company.

For this, our mission is:

  • To develop strategies and constructive commitment methods for the company’s operational areas.
  • To develop community development programs that correspond to the communities needs and regional development priorities.
  • To develop programs and social investment patterns that may improve living conditions (education, health and community infrastructures) for communities and that are able to favor their empowerments thanks to an economic development based of local resources.
  • To improve local communities’ capacities and their socio-economic institutions to access to appropriate resources for them to develop.
  • To improve the monitoring system, the evaluations, and to measure impacts that encourage transparency and stakeholders’ responsibility.


Principles of social investment

Thanks to social investment, SIPH prices its human resources in order to support the company’s programs to improve society and reach its goals by generating positive impact on local development. SIPH’s social investment strategy applies to both its internal and external stakeholders as beneficiaries, which fits with the National Development Plan and the International consensus of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2016-2030.

As per SIPH’s commitment in the implementation of its social investments, the number of beneficiaries of its CSR in 2019 has reached over 30 000 families, the equivalent of 150 thousand people living close to its operational sites.