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June 23rd, 2022

Best students of the IFU of TOUPAH-OUSROU award ceremony

The traditional award ceremony to reward the best students of the IFU of TOUPAH-OUSROU took place on Thursday, June 23rd, 2022 at the primary school of village 2 in presence of the Integrated Farm Unit Director, teachers, management staff and supervisors and student’s parents.

Initiated by the SIFCA Group, these awards aim to encourage primary school students who have distinguished themselves during the school year, as they are part of the promotion of a true culture of excellence advocated by the Group. The awards, made of school kits, were handed out to the three best students from all classes of the schools of the site, a total of 75 students. The Kits given to the recipients consisted of a backpack, notebooks, and many other school materials. The parent representative expressed his thanks to SAPH and SIFCA Group for this great initiative. It is a real breath of fresh air that will allow these student’s parents to prepare for the upcoming school year serenely.

The Integrated Farm Unit Director encouraged the students to maintain the course of merit to support the efforts of their parents through this award.

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