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October 2nd, 2023

GREL is certified Top Employer.

Top employeur Grel web OK

The Top Employer Institute, an international authority which certifies the excellence of Human Resources practices, awarded, the “TOP EMPLOYER 2023” Certification to GREL, a subsidiary of SIPH and the SIFCA Group, thus succeeding its sister company SAPH , the first company from an Ivorian Group to obtain this certification to international standards.

The company is de facto positioned in the very restricted global ranking of Companies that are committed to providing the best possible working environment for their employees through innovative and sustainable Human Resources practices that prioritize people, a value dear to the heart of the SIFCA Group strategy.

As a significant company in the agri-food sector to achieve this recognition in Ghana, GREL continues to position itself as a benchmark for excellence in the professional environment, marking an important milestone in the remarkable journey of the company. company so far.


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