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From February 8nd to 11th, 2022

ISO 17025 Certification

To always guarantee the reliability of its monitoring equipment and the independence of measurements and to all its customers, SIPH has decided to set up an independent structure for the calibration and maintenance of laboratory equipment. The chosen site is SAPH Bongo with a small team (5 people) which, via the ISO 17025 standard, will have the possibility of intervening throughout the year on all the Group's sites. The ISO 17025 standard is an international standard which specifies the quality and competence requirements specific to testing and analysis laboratories.

On October 21st, 2021, the diagnostic audit of the ISO 17025 standard was carried out at the specification laboratory of the Bongo plant. The restitution of this work followed the next day 22/10/2021 in the meeting room of the said IFU. The audit was conducted by Bureau Veritas.

The first training to this standard took place between February 8nd to 11th 2022, which was held on the site itself with the participation of 17 people, including 6 from head office. The training was carried out by the firm First Consulting.

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