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December 4, 2023

Presentation of EUDR compliance tools to SIPH clients

Actu SIPH Conformite EUDR

As part of the communication regarding compliance with the EUDR law, SIPH, a subsidiary of SIFCA Group responsible for managing its rubber production, hosted through its subsidiary SAPH, representatives from the CEEE, NGOs, and clients at its Integrated Farm Unit in Bongo, about a hundred kilometers from Abidjan,

This invitation, organized on Monday, December 4th, 2023, by Miss Isabelle Billon, EUDR project manager, provided an opportunity to discuss the tools and means implemented by the Group to ensure compliance with the EUDR law.

As a reminder, the European Union Deforestation Regulation is a law passed by the European Union that is coming into effect in 2025, intending to ensure the importation of agricultural products not originating from deforested areas.

In this context, the site visit began with a meeting with a village planter supplying SAPH, during which a demonstration of plantation mapping tools was conducted by Mr. Jean-Philippe Malter, Director of Agricultural Operations at SIPH.

The second step occurred in the site's administrative heart, where SAPH was briefly introduced to the guests. This was followed by a presentation of SIPH through its institutional film before a visit to a classified forest demonstrating the Group's commitment to biodiversity protection, a tour of rubber nurseries, and finally, a visit to the Bongo factory.

The mission concluded with a presentation of the SIFCA Group by Mrs. Henriette Gomis Billon, Director of Communication and Sustainable Development, followed by a lunch. Finally, the delegation was released after a roundtable summarizing the impressions and conclusions of each participant following this visit.

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