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February 9, 2023

Women's Agriculture

Several women employees of SAPH were sensitized and trained in the operation of agricultural machinery on the UAI of Bongo on February 09, 2023.

CNH Industrial, in partnership with ATC-COMAFRIQUE, NEW HOLLAND and SAPH, launched the first series of training courses in the driving of agricultural tractors, for a dozen young women employees of SAPH.

This training, which reflects the joint commitment of the four partner entities for the development of women and the promotion of gender, aims to raise awareness and encourage women in the profession of machine operator.

At the end of the internal training, SAPH will finance the driving school courses to obtain a driving license in all categories. Making these women fit to drive machinery within integrated agricultural units and on national roads.

It should be recalled that the 2023 objective of the Société Africaine de Plantations d’Hévéa (SAPH) is to fill 40 tractor driver positions and 40 machine driver positions, on all of its sites. So many professional development prospects that are open to women employees in particular.

The certificate award ceremony, marking the end of training for the 1st cohort of women drivers of agricultural machinery, took place on Thursday, February 09, 2023 at the SAPH-Bongo site, Bongo sub-prefecture, in the Department of Grand -Bassam, in the presence of Mrs CAMARA Mariam, Director of Women's Empowerment at the Ministry of Women, Family and Children, the administrative authorities of the Sud-Comoé region, the DGAO of COMAFRIQUE Bernard WACKERS, of Jihad CHAKROUN Part Sales Manager & Key account Specialist Africa & Middle East representing CHN, and of the Director of the SAPHBONGO Integrated Agricultural Unit, Mr. Sylvestre COULIBALY representing the CEO of SAPH Thierry SERRES.


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