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April 08th 2021
Developing the rubber business

SAPH, subsidiary of SIPH and SIFCA, has launched the construction work of its 6th natural rubber process factory in Soubré. The official announcement was made Thursday April 8th 2021 during a press conference at SAPH headquarters in Abidjan, in presence ...

April 6, 2021
Roll out of COVID-19 Vaccination for GREL Staff

On Tuesday, April 6, 2021, GREL in Collaboration with the Ahanta West and Prestea Huni-Valley Municipal Health Directorates commenced the Covid-19 vaccination program for GREL workers. Prior to the vaccination exercise, the Clinic team led by the Company’s Doctor ...

April 1, 2021
10 Years Anniversary in Memory of Yves Lambelin former CEO & Board Chairman of SIFCA Group

On Thursday April 1, 2021, a minute silence was observed at 12:00 noon in memory of Yves LAMBELIN (former CEO and Board Chairman of the SIFCA Group), Raoul ADEOSSI, his assistant and Chelliah PANDIAN, former MD of Sania at all the operational sites of GREL.

March 8th, 2021
International Women’s Day: RENL women seek for gender parity

Women in Rubber Estates Nigeria Limited has called for gender parity, equal rights and women equality for the female folks as they join their counterpart all over the globe to celebrate the international women’s day 2021.

On February 22nd and 23rd 2021
Child labor training

As part of the CPD activities, offices have officially been set up in each community to fight against child labor. Members of these offices are from the community.

February 12th 2021
Multimedia center

A 40 feet old factory container has been recycled into a multimedia room for the dredging primary school of the Integrated Farm Unit of Bongo after a bit of construction work.

February 12th 2021
Inauguration of 3 water pump construction work

On Friday February 12th 2021, the handing over of pumps built for the village of Allosso 2 took place. Until then, the village was supplied in water by SAPH, who used to send two water tanks each week ...

January 19th 2021
Gendarmerie Brigade of Bongo Village

On Tuesday January 19th 2021, the Integrated Farm Unit of Bongo receives the visit of the new gendarmerie brigade deputy commander, Armand Sylvestre SALLEY.

February 14, 2021
Bongo – The King of BONOUA visits Bongo

On February 14, the King of BONOUA visited Bongo, bordering village to our plantations. The Integrated Farm Unit Director...

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December 4th 2020
Academic back-to-school start of YVES LAMELIN High School - Bongo

The academic back-to-school start of YVES LAMELIN High School in the sub prefecture of Bongo took place on Friday December 4th 2020.