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December 4th 2020
Academic back-to-school start of YVES LAMELIN High School - Bongo

The academic back-to-school start of YVES LAMELIN High School in the sub prefecture of Bongo took place on Friday December 4th 2020.

February 1st, 2021
MD meets with staff, assures of management commitment to good welfare

The Managing Director of RENL, Olivier Odoukou met with all staff in February 2021 by visiting all sites of the company. He assured workers of his readiness to work closely with them in order to ...

January 20th, 2021
RENL CSR gets commendation as ILUSIN lawn tennis court is commissioned

The Ogun State Government has commended the management of RENL for its continous commitment to the development of host communities in its area of operations.

October 27th 2020
SAPH: 2020 General Assembly

The SAPH’s General Assembly took place on October 27th at the Azalai Hotel for the year 2019. This year, due to the COVID-19 health crisis

Septembre 23rd 2020
SIPH commits GOSNR, the sustainable rubber platform

Sustainable Rubber : this is the main issue of the Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber (GPSNR), launched in 2018, of which SIPH is a part of the Producers, Processors and Traders category.

July, 25th 2020
Launch of the National operation « 1 day, 5 million trees » in our site of SAPH Bongo

The Integrated Farm Unit of SAPH Bongo hosted the official launch of the "1 day, 5 million trees" operation in the South Comoe region.

July, 03rd 2020
SAPH opens the Singrobo rural health center

The integrated Farm Unit of Bongo inaugurated on Friday July 3rd the Rural Center of Singrobo, 145 km from Abidjan in the sub prefecture of Pacobo (Agnéby-Tiassa region).

From June 27th to 30th 2020
SAPH inaugurates community projects in Bongo

From June 27th to 30th 2020, SAPH has inaugurated community projects on its Bongo Integrated Farm Unit in the department of Alepe.

June 5th 2020
SAPH donates two tricycles to the village community of YASSAP A

The Integrated Farm Unit (IFU) of Toupah had once more brought a smile to its riverside communities. On Friday June 5th 2020, Toupah’s IFU Director ...

February 26th 2020
GREL, a subsidiary of SIFCA, inaugurates its 2nd factory in Ghana

February 26th 2020 is a milestone for GREL who officially inaugurated its new factory GREL TBU in Tsibu. With a global capacity of 25 000 T in 2020 and an expected capacity of 29T/h by 2028 ...